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Coaching & Mindfulness

Life coaching is your personalised path from where you stand now to where you aspire to be, constructed with trust, teamwork, and a touch of practicality.

When we’re overthinking or overworking, we’re not listening in. This is when we can lose compassion for ourselves, lose connection with those around us and lose touch with our dreams and purpose.


This happened to me – but over a decade ago, I reconnected with my love of life by working with a coach. I discovered the power of mindfulness too. And you can as well.

Is coaching for me?

If you’d welcome the opportunity to focus on yourself, then yes. Receive reassuring guidance and practical tools to move towards what you want in life in a way that makes sense to you. It’s a chance to clear a way through the overthinking and make lasting changes that matter.


I love it when my clients respond to my practical, personalised approach, so let’s get to work on what’s holding you back.

Is mindfulness for me?

My approach is down-to-earth but uplifting, designed to ground you in the moment and give you remedial relief from the chaos around you. If greater clarity, more satisfying sleep and self-discovery sound appealing, then yes, mindfulness is for you. This is one of a whole range of tools I use but I believe it’s the most powerful. 


Don’t take my word for it. I’d love you to take a moment for yourself and try one of my free resources below.

Is coaching for me?

"Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.” 

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Jack Welch

Sam Isles looking right and smiling while crouched in a field with trees behind.


To move forward confidently and overcome your frustrations, I use three key elements in my coaching.


I understand your struggles and will help you recognise that you're not alone because you're not.


Every conversation, technique, and action is customised to you because I know that everyone is unique.


Coaching isn't just about the conversation, it's about taking tangible actions towards your goals. 

"Mindfulness is the key to emotional intelligence. It’s about knowing what is going on in your mind."

Daniel Goleman

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Mindfulness comes with proven benefits, such as stress reduction, better sleep, improved relationships, and increased resilience and focus. But starting can feel overwhelming.

Rest assured, mindfulness doesn't demand hours of your time. Whether you're new to it or have some experience, my sessions on Insight Timer or even a personalised track will guide you in seamlessly integrating mindfulness into your daily routine within just a few minutes each day.


Guided Session & Live Mediations

Insight Timer, a free and user-friendly app, simplifies regular mindfulness practice.


As a teacher on this platform, I'm honoured to guide you through guided sessions and live meditations, offering brief moments of pause to quiet your mind and provide heightened clarity as you resume your day.

Why Work With Me?
Here's what my clients say...

Sam truly practices what she preaches.

She is a genuine & authentic individual.


She truly cares about me as a human being rather than just a case/client who you transact with.


She listens effectively without trying to just fix things.

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