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Real life coaching & mindfulness to help overthinkers manage their frustrations and move forward confidently.

Friendly - Practical - No nonsense 

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Overwhelmed by your own thoughts?
Stuck in a cycle of 'what ifs'?
Is worry outweighing your progress?
Thoughts causing more stress than solutions?
Unsure what coaching even is?

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You're not alone
and you're in the right place.

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Welcome to a space where practical solutions meet mindful coaching.

Together, we'll quieten the mental chatter, sort out your thoughts, and help you make clear, confident decisions.

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Hello And Welcome!

I'm Sam Isles, a life coach with a love of tea and a dedication to helping others.

I'm guessing if you're here, you might be feeling a bit stuck, a bit overwhelmed. Maybe that voice in your head just won't be quiet.

I understand, I know what it's like to feel like you're living for everyone else, to feel disconnected from your own wants and needs.

My Journey

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My life's been quite a journey, I've played various roles – professional actress, teacher, executive assistant, and more. I've experienced a range of relationships, some enriching, others challenging, and a few that were downright co-dependent.

And through it all, there was one thing that was always with me, like a shadow I just couldn't shake - my habit of overthinking. I was always caught up trying to keep everyone else happy, yet ended up feeling unsatisfied and lost, like I had misplaced the key to my own identity.

It had to change, so I dived into the world of self-development. Devoured every book I could get my hands on, enrolled in masterclasses, learned to meditate and worked with many coaches (still do).

I found tools that helped me understand myself, my mind and my emotions better, tools that I still use and share with my clients today. I learned that my core values - honesty, fairness, love, learning, connection, and perspective - were the compass I needed. They helped me navigate my feelings, build my self-worth, and accept myself.

How I Can Help You

Now, my days are filled with helping people like you break free from overthinking and build a solid foundation of self-worth and happiness. I provide personalised coaching sessions that dive into your challenges, offer support, and encourage you to step confidently towards your goals.

A Bit More About Me

Life coaching with me is far from serious, it's fun and friendly. It's a welcoming space and so here are some of the weird things you might learn about me. I've got four tattoos, I'm always cold, and I’ve had the privilege of serving the Queen in a previous role.  And despite my curious nature, spicy food and I are not friends - I'm allergic to chilli!

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Coaching with me is like walking into your favourite café.


It's a safe, warm place for you to be you - no judgement, just acceptance. It's a place for you to explore, grow, and above all, start living life the way you want to.

I Look Forward To Joining You On This Journey.

Please choose the next step that is right for you.

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Coaching with Sam was a pivotal part in ceasing to be paralysed by the fear of making a wrong decision. It improved my life both practically and emotionally. Thank You.

Emma, Aspiring Psychotherapist

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